About Us

Opt Solution is a highly specialized information technology firm focused on Cloud infrastructure and infrastructure solutions for data centers and the development of artificial intelligence. We also provide a wide range of high-level managed services and cutting-edge personnel able to perform the various IT roles.

What sets us apart is that we provide each customer with an experience based on complete transparency and our technical team’s expertise and availability. We value our clients, partners and providers and that has been a key ingredient in the successful long term relationships we enjoy with them. We are an experienced team of experts averaging over 12 years in IT, sales and management. Our clients operate all over the world in industries ranging from manufacturing, university and medical research to financial, retail and distribution.

In less than two years, Opt Solution became one of the most important IBM partners in Canada in server and storage solutions by achieving the highest levels of excellence recognized around the world : the IBM Platinum level. Our goal is to support every company involved in the development and innovation of artificial intelligence by offering tailored and technologically advanced solutions.

Why Opt Solution
We’ve innovated in what is considered to be a traditional market which has been largely abandoned by our competitors. It has helped us become trusted advisors to companies looking to transition towards a complete modernization of their information technology systems. We are one of the very few IBM Power System experts in North America and our numerous certifications helps us built credibility and trust with our clientele.

As such, maintaining these accreditations, is an essential requirement for our growth. Just within the IBM ecosystem, we currently possess over 40 certifications. Our opinion is that IT is an investment and the value that we bring by focusing on the customer’s issues as if they were our own, will help our customers mitigate their risks as they venture into their digital transformation. We make sure that not only decision-makers understand our solutions, but also those who will benefit on the ground.

Our Partner