Artificial Intelligence

Scalable Infrastructure

Run your AI workloads (training or inference) on a high-speed GPU server that is purpose-built to handle AI and analytics workloads.

Unbeatable Performance

The Power platform can drive the Nvidia V100 GPUs to high utilization rates, truly leveraging your investment. We offer leading GPU servers (Power and x86).

expertise and partners

Learn from our internationally recognized specialists and innovative partners, including NVIDIA and IBM.

Make smarter decisions with insights from your data

Are your looking to create new business models through AI and cognitive systems? As your valued partner, we can show you how to leverage both your internal and available external data to address a wide range of business challenges in the area.

The fast track to artificial intelligence

Power AI Enterprise makes deep learning and machine learning more accessible to your staff, and makes the benefits of AI more obtainable for your business. It combines popular-open source deep learning frameworks, efficient AI development tools and accelerated IBM Power Systems servers. Now your organization can deploy a fully optimized and supported AI platform that delivers top-notch performance, proven dependability and resilience. IBM Power AI Enterprise is a complete environment for data science as a service that enables your organization to bring new AI applications into production.

Power is the only platform that can offer:

  • NVLINK between GPUs and CPUs
  • Memory coherency between the GPU memory and system memory, allowing you to run models that require more than 32 GB of memory
  • the ability to run complex models and train against high-resolution images/videos data sets in record time

Nvidia Tesla V100

The V100 GPUs from Nvidia are the most advanced data center GPU ever built. The IBM Power server AC922 is the only server on the planet able to connect its cores to the GPUs through Nvlink, allowing it to drive your GPU investments to their fullest potential. Enjoy out of this world performance both today and in our exponentially changing future.

Think big, start small

Opt Solution Corp can help you get started right away with our simple four-step process. The first step is to schedule a planning workshop with our team. Contact us today!