Linux distributions: Which one is right for you?

Choosing Linux for your corporate IT environment and servers is a big decision. Even once you’ve reviewed Linux’s advantages, compared them to Windows and Mac OS features, and decided to move forward with Linux, the decision-making process isn’t over yet. Your next task is to determine which Linux distribution best meets your business needs. But before we explore that topic, let’s … Read More

Opt Solution Cloud – From security to support, what sets our offer apart ?

Opt Solution Corp has been offering cloud computing services since 2008. Our offer was initially designed for IBM Power, but then we later extended it to cover Windows and Linux environments, and then added cloud backup, machine learning capabilities and VMWare services. In the past 5 years, our cloud has grown eightfold and we expect it to double again.Businesses of … Read More

Making the 4.0 Digital Transformation Through Application Modernization and Strategic Asset Management

The challenge may be great, but for many organizations, the 4.0 digital transformation proves necessary to modernize their applications and extend the lifespan of their equipment and facilities. Companies have every interest in protecting their assets, but they must also ensure their health and evolution through a change management project that is structured, rigorous and tailored to their needs. Ultimately, … Read More